About Us

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Pangaea Zimbabwe envisions an environment in which all people live healthy, productive, and quality lives.


Pangaea Zimbabwe strives to transform the lives of underserved populations by working to increase access to quality, responsive, evidence based, client-centered comprehensive health services through facility and community engagement and policy advocacy.


Evidence based

We promote evidence-driven strategies to expand health services, and address evidence gaps through research and knowledge management.

Human rights based

We strive to uphold the rights of all people living with and affected by disease – regardless of circumstances of birth, gender, sexual orientation or geography.

Local leadership

We recognise that local leadership is central to forging resilient health and community systems in the response to HIV. As such, we prioritize partnering with local structures and communities to promote ownership and sustainability.



We believe that no one should be left out in the quest for universal access to health coverage


We believe that every human being has a right to quality health services


We operate with honour, reliability and veracity


We take responsibility of ensuring effective and efficient use of resources in compliance with the purpose for which they were intended.